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Sundae Referral Network

A new way to sell properties that might not easily transact on the MLS. Join now to grow your business and earn residual income while providing clients with dated and damaged properties more solutions, when they need it most.

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It’s a Win-Win With Sundae

The Sundae Referral Network offers licensed real estate professionals more tools for the sale of dated and damaged properties, optimizing their time and transactions. Plus, it’s free to enroll!

Help Homeowners Sell Fast

Partner with Sundae to provide an option for sellers whose properties likely will not sell quickly on the MLS and would benefit from an all cash offer, selling as-is, and a quick close.

Receive Referral Commission

When you refer a property, you’ll receive a competitive referral commission upon closing, plus have more time to focus on your sellers who have MLS ready properties.

Grow Your Network and Earn

Referral opportunities don’t end with properties — you can earn additional commissions when other licensed real estate professionals in your network refer properties that are sold!

How It Works

As a member of the Sundae Referral Network, you can generate income in 2 ways:


Refer a property to Sundae and earn when it closes.

Submit the property directly from your Referral Dashboard. We will compile all necessary details and showcase the property to thousands of investors who will place offers through our marketplace. If the seller accepts, the closing process begins.

Once you refer a property, your work is done! Sundae will handle the sale from start to finish and you’ll receive your commission within four business days of close.

Cumulative Personal Sales Volume
(Over a rolling 12 months)
Personal Commision*
Up to $299,999
$300,000 to $699,999
$700,000 and more
*Personal commissions will be taken from Sundae’s gross commissions (up to 8% of the transaction) and will be paid to your brokerage. Sundae’s gross commission may vary from sale to sale.

Enroll other licensed real estate professionals and earn a commission each time they refer a property that closes with Sundae.

Share the opportunity with like-minded real estate professionals. Once they join, they’ll be added to your network and you’ll receive a commission for every property they refer once it closes with Sundae. You’re also eligible for commissions when properties referred by real estate professionals in your network sell. The larger your referring network, the more you can earn!

Individual Referral Network Referral
Sales Price $300,000 $300,000
Referral Rate 27.5% 5%
Referral Payout* $4,700 $855
*Example is based on Sundae’s average gross commissions. Sundae’s gross commission may vary from sale to sale.

About Sundae

Sundae is a platform for dated and damaged properties, striving to bring more value, confidence, and convenience to sellers, when selling off-market.

For far too long, homeowners without the time or resources to get a house market-ready have been taken advantage of when it comes time to sell if the house needs some love off-market. We think this isn’t fair and we started Sundae under the belief that there was a better way for homeowners to sell off-market and maximize their equity.

Properties are listed on the Sundae Marketplace and marketed to our network of hundreds of investors. This competition amongst investors, along with our promise to our customers, means homeowners get the highest possible off-market offer. The best part is, no repairs, cleaning, or showings are needed!

What Our Sellers Are Saying

“Liked the option of having multiple offers at one time”

"With the offers from Sundae's marketplace being all-inclusive, it made it very simple and, in my opinion, a good choice for my grandmother and I. I liked the option of having multiple offers at one time to kind of look at in order to try to hope that I was getting a higher or better offer. Everyone I interacted with at Sundae was professional and kind"

Steve M.

San Diego, CA

“Things turned out great”

"Well. at first I didn't believe it. but that's the way it turned out. had him explain that to me, because I thought 'how could somebody bid on a property and not physically inspect it themselves before making an offer?' but it worked out great. Three of the offers I received were, in my opinion, absurdly high. But. I went with one of them and things turned out great"

Stan M.

San Diego, CA

“Was really cool to see a pool of buyers bid on my home”

"I really liked that you guys put the house out to your network of investors. It was really cool to see a pool of buyers bid on my home, I thought that was amazing. Having the ability to see all of the offers from investors on your marketplace made this a truly unique selling experience for me.

Camille S

San Diego, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Sundae Referral Network is completely free to join.
To join, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a licensed real estate agent in good standing all states in which you do business;
  • Be at least the age of majority in the states in which you are licensed and do business; and
  • Be a broker or be associated with a real estate broker/brokerage

Sundae is currently available in 11 markets across the United States and growing.

  • California: Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego
  • Georgia: Atlanta
  • Nevada: Las Vegas
  • Texas: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston
  • Washington: Seattle

If you are an agent outside of one of Sundae’s 11 markets, you are still able to enroll and take advantage of all opportunities to earn commissions.

Sundae specializes in selling houses as-is. Properties that are usually a match for Sundae’s marketplace are dated and damaged properties that need major updates and/or repairs. This includes single family homes, condos, and 2-4 plex properties that match the following criteria:
  • Homes built before 2010 (anything after 2010 is dependent on property condition; anything 2018+ must require major repairs)
  • Homes with renovations needed (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, AC, water heater, and roof have not been updated in the last 10+ years, original electrical panel)
  • Home is in need of $5k+ in repairs
  • Property damage, code violations, or condemned house
  • Vacant or problematic rental property

Unfortunately Sundae will not accept referrals for the following types of properties:

  • Properties currently listed on the MLS
  • Properties located outside of Sundae Market
  • Mobile homes
  • Commercial properties
  • Properties with more than 4 units
  • Raw land
  • 55+ communities (except for GA)
  • Tenants under section 8 (except in TX and GA)

We are also unable to accept any referrals that are active within Sundae’s database. This applies to properties that have been in Sundae’s database for 8-180 days.

Of course we can!

Here is an example, if your referral sells for $250,000 and Sundae's gross commission is 7%, your personal commission is $4,375! That is money in your pocket without ever having to go through the work to list and sell the property.

Here is one more example, if your referral sells for $500,000 and Sundae's gross commission is 7%, your personal commission is $9,625! As a reminder, all commissions are paid to your brokerage and your brokerage is responsible for paying you.

It’s important to note that Sundae’s gross commission is up to 7% of the sale price, but varies by market and transaction. Have additional questions? Email support at [email protected].