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It’s a Win-Win With Sundae

Grow your business and earn residual income while providing your clients with more solutions when they need them most.

Plus, it’s free to enroll.

Close more deals fast

Sundae’s auction-style process creates competition, generating multiple cash offers in as little as 3 days. You'll have the peace of mind that you provided your client the highest off-market offer.

Grow your revenue streams

Refer a property and earn a competitive commission when it closes. Unlock additional earning opportunities when you invite other agents to enroll.

Maximize your time

Let Sundae handle the heavy lifting. We’ll compile all the details and market the property to our network of investors so you can focus more time on your MLS-ready listings.

How It Works


Refer a property

When you find a property that would benefit from selling as-is (with an all cash offer or a quick close), submit the details directly from your Referral Network Back Office.


Sit back or stay involved

Sundae will work with you or the seller to compile property details and market the property to a large network of investors. You can track progress along the way.


Earn your commission

We’ll send your referral commission, up to 30% of Sundae’s Gross Commission, within 7 business days of closing.


Grow your network

Share your unique registration link with like minded real estate agents. Once they join, they’ll be added to your network.


Earn residual income

When agents in your network refer properties that are sold through Sundae, you will earn up to 5% of Sundae’s Gross Commission.

Flexible Options to Meet Your Client's Needs

One size does not fit all when it comes to selling. Choose the option that works best for each client and their unique situation:

Refer and move on

We’ll handle everything from start to finish. Sundae will work directly with the seller to collect all property details and you can track seller progress along the way.

Refer and stay involved

You will work hand-in-hand with Sundae and be our main point of contact. You will help coordinate collecting all the property details. And we will get your client’s home in front of the right buyers.

Growing Your Revenue Streams

As a member of the Sundae Referral Network, you can generate income in two ways: referring properties and enrolling agents who refer properties.

Refer to Sundae

You’ll receive 25-30% of Sundae’s Gross Commission within seven days of closing. The referral fee is determined by the gross sales volume for properties you refer in a rolling 12-month period.

Grow your network

Invite other agents to enroll and you’ll earn 5% of Sundae’s Gross Commission when a property they refer closes with Sundae. As your network grows, unlock more earning opportunities.

Individual Referral

Sales price $300,000
Referral rate 27.5%
Referral payout* $4,950

% of sale price earned: 1.65%

Network Referral

Sales price $300,000
Referral rate 5.0%
Referral payout* $900

*Examples are based on a 6% Sundae Gross Commission. Sundae Gross Commission can range from 5-10% and varies by property and market. This example is not intended to be representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn as a Sundae Referral Network member. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings.

The Sundae Difference

It’s more than just a referral — it’s the opportunity to provide your clients with the best outcome during a critical time in their life.

Dedicated local team

Each referral is connected with a licensed Market Expert. They will be the main point of contact throughout the process, advocating for the seller’s best interest.

Auction-style process

Competition amongst local buyers drives multiple offers and a fair price for the property, so you can feel confident that you’ve made the best off-market deal available.

Stress-free selling

With no showings, cleanings, or repairs, your clients will sell as-is with less disruptions. They can close in as little as 10 days or within 60 days.

What Our Agents Are Saying

Rick R.

GK Properties

Even if we were going to list it as a cash-only listing, a lot of the people likely offering on it would be the same people on Sundae’s platform. The fact that we can work with Sundae and do everything in one step is really nice. Plus, Sundae is able to turn around offers in a fair amount of time, making it a helpful and effective tool for my clients.

Shelley C.

eXp Realty

Having Sundae in my back pocket makes me look more like a forward-thinking real estate agent. It’s a service model that I wholeheartedly believe in and it allows me to share multiple options with my clients. By educating my sellers on their options, it builds instant trust.

Bobby D.

eXp Realty

As a member of the Sundae Referral Network, it’s easy to invite other agents to join, at no cost, and grow a network of agents around the country who can also grow their own networks. In addition, it allows agents to help sellers who have 'dated or damaged' properties sell quickly and for a competitive price. This makes sellers happy and the agent is paid an attractive commission once the sale is finalized. The process is simple and easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Sundae Referral Network is completely free to join.
To enroll, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a licensed real estate agent in good standing all states in which you do business;
  • Be at least the age of majority in the states in which you are licensed and do business; and
  • Be a broker or be associated with a real estate broker/brokerage

Sundae is currently accepting referrals in 11 markets across the United States and growing.

  • California: Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego
  • Georgia: Atlanta
  • Nevada: Las Vegas
  • Texas: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston
  • Washington: Seattle

If you are an agent outside of one of Sundae’s 11 markets, you are still able to enroll and take advantage of all opportunities to earn commissions.

Sundae specializes in selling houses as-is. Properties that are usually a match for Sundae’s marketplace are dated and damaged properties that need major updates and/or repairs. This includes single family homes, condos, and 2-4 plex properties that match the following criteria:

  • Homes built before 2010 (anything after 2010 is dependent on property condition; anything 2018+ must require major repairs)
  • Homes with renovations needed (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, AC, water heater, and roof have not been updated in the last 10+ years, original electrical panel)
  • Home is in need of $5k+ in repairs
  • Property damage, code violations, or condemned house
  • Vacant or problematic rental property

As a member of the Sundae Referral Network, you will receive a referral fee for each referral that closes with Sundae. This referral fee will be 25-30% of the Gross Commission received by Sundae when the property you have personally referred closes with Sundae. Sundae Gross Commission varies sales to sale, market to market, but generally averages between 5-10%.

The percentage of your referral fee for each transaction is determined by your cumulative personal sales volume conducted with Sundae over the past 12 months as follows:

  • Up to $299,999: 25.0% referral fee
  • $300,000 to $699,999:27.5% referral fee
  • $700,000 and above: 30.0% referral fee

Note: All commissions are paid to your brokerage and your brokerage is responsible for paying you.

As you enroll other agents in the Sundae Referral Network, you can earn overrides when a property they refer closes with Sundae. You can qualify to earn additional overrides when agents you enrolled invite other agents to join.

For anyone you enroll, you’ll earn 5% of Sundae Gross Commission when a property they refer closes with Sundae. For any agent enrolled by one of your enrollees, you’ll earn 4% of Sundae Gross Commission when a property they refer closes with Sundae.

As your network grows “deeper”, you can continue to unlock earning opportunities on agents further down your network at different rates!

Note: All commissions are paid to your brokerage and your brokerage is responsible for paying you.

You can earn almost as much commission on a referral as if you listed the property yourself.

Example 1: If your referral sells for $250,000 and Sundae's gross commission is 7%, your personal commission is $4,375! That is money in your pocket without ever having to go through the work to list and sell the property.

Example 2: If your referral sells for $500,000 and Sundae's gross commission is 7%, your personal commission is $9,625! As a reminder, all commissions are paid to your brokerage and your brokerage is responsible for paying you.

It’s important to note that Sundae’s gross commission is up to 10% of the sale price, but varies by market and transaction. Have additional questions? Email support at [email protected].

The Sundae Story

Sundae is an off-market platform connecting buyers and sellers of homes that require updates or repairs. We strive to bring more value, confidence, and convenience to sellers, when selling off-market.

For far too long, homeowners without the time or resources to get a house market-ready have been taken advantage of when trying to sell a home that requires updates or repairs. We think this isn’t fair and we started Sundae under the belief that there was a better way for homeowners to sell off-market and maximize their equity.

Properties are listed on Sundae’s marketplace and marketed to our network of hundreds of local investors. This competition and bidding amongst investors, along with our promise to our customers, means homeowners get the highest possible off-market offer. The best part is, no repairs, cleaning, or showings are needed!

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